Hur kunde de thailändska pojkarna överleva 11 dagar?

Och som sedan tog sig ut med dykarutrustning flera kilometer i mörka vattenfyllda gångar med hjälp av erfarna dykarna men själva utan dykerfarenhet och utan att ens kunna simma. Hur var det möjligt? Jag kallar det för en saga.

Efter Ungdomsmedicinska Föreningens besök i Almedalen och vår kontakt där med ett flertal personer och sen i  sommarvärmen och det slappa livet på landet har jag inte haft energi att förmedla nyheter. Men sen fick jag denna rapport som jag vill förmedla . Den kom via mitt nätverk i SAHM:  Society for Adoleschent  health och mer specifikt, via dess internationella gren Int-RC. Det var allas vår Evelyn Eisenstein i Brasilien som tog initiativet och fick svar ganska omgående.

Först tänkte jag att göra ett vanligt referat. Men jag har ändrat mig. Ni får hela rapporten med alla dess språkliga oklarheter. Men den är oemotståndlig. Den förmedlar ett starkt och viktigt budskap om ungdomars motståndskraft och om vad en god ledare kan göra.


Hello Dr Suriyadeo Tripathi,

how are you?

i wonder if you could give us any medical report of the boys team and their clinical and nutritional recovery

and how are they being followed up in Regards of the traumatic experience in being so long in the caves?

is there any disaster plan or other preventive measures being taken for adventurous teens, in your country (?) that you could share?

Brazilian Greetings

Evelyn Eisenstein.


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Many thanks,

They are all very well and get better very rapidly.

Many thanks every expert volunteer came from many countries.

Thailand planning to after action review both rescuer team especially leadership well settle done by Governor of Chiangrai.All voluntterism inside country and from many countries. AAR of the Health team both locally and nation.

And most special for those 13 teens in the cave such a threatened for thier life.

What we learn from them that they practice playing football regularly build them strong but not main point they also practice their mind with Buddhist meditation regularly leaded by their coach as a regular.

The days traumatic happened accidentally to them while they just came to relax after football game by bicycle and with their eager to survey this cave ( which they also familiar to the cave as they ever got into but not so far deep inside) huge of water suddenly absolutely  block to get outside of the cave without any sign before. They had to survive their life inside for 10 days without any thing to eat and drink even clean water!!! And very limited air space to breathing @@!!##

But they planned to drink water from stalactite inside the cave ( natural refine water that might be safer) and they had some flash light with them but their coach (one of the 13 teens 25 yrs old) advice them to use only one alternatively to safe energy as long as it could.

The coach also build them to meditation for a long period and categorize team approach some to be a role of security guard some to be a digging inside wall of cave search exit way out of the cave with concern to save energy and limit of time.

The amazing we know from them that they use their meditation to keep calm their fear their anxious while they are very young adolescents ( hypersensitve of the Limbic system) which is not easy to do that inside deep dark scary without food water and even not know when they can reach to get outside the cave and what inside faraway and really really scary day by day night by night.

The first day  Rescuer SEAL  soldier team approach and reach to them amazing that on th 10th day they could conversation wtih cognitively even in english language with the question from rescuer ” how many of you??”

and one of 13 said ” we are thirteen” #we are so hungry ##

Amazing teens amzing coach to trained them mentor and coaching them.

Right now they get back to home and get back to school.

No sign for depressive nosign for PTSD their mind very strong and they can spend their life as normal daily life.The Mental holistic Health and multidisciplinary team from MOPH  closely follow up to them.

Thailand also learn and concern to let all young people pay attention to practice which we call #skills for your life# which contain Life skill ,Living skill ,Literacy skill, mindfulness skill and we try to announce and setup inside curriculum for meditation emotional control since secondary school.

In Mahidol university I lead to set up MU Friend which focus on these skill training and  not only in the university in many village pilot study to setup community baby sitting system with positive psychology approch

And here we have our own positive child and youth development reinforcement process which we call LIFE ASSETS  leaded by me (Suriyadeo Tripathi)

Thailand also learn systematically Rescue in crisis event and how to control Mass and Social media in discipline ( which formerly is so difficult to do that).

I still has many thing to say in this mail but will release in mail  to you later soon.


Many thanks again

Assoc Prof.Dr.Suriyadeo Tripathi

#Founder of

Community baby sitting system with Positive power (Life Assets inChild and Adolescent of Thailand)

# Immidiate past Dean /Director of the National Institute for Child and Family Development Mahidol University

#Executive consultant of Department Medical services Ministry of Public Health

# Executive committe of the Thai Media Fund leaded by Deputy PM of Thailand.

#Executive committee of the Office of Narcotic Board of Thailand

#Executice committee of the Office of National Qualty Assurance Educational System Ministry of Education

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